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The decorative board for wet rooms

DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE can be used in all areas of high-quality interior design as well as drywall systems with high design requirements. With the refined surfaces of DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE, individual designs can be accomplished which means that tomorrow’s requirements are met today. In addition to the wide choice of design possibilities, DESIGNBOARD 310 offers characteristics such as water-resistance and robustness. It is therefore suitable for areas that are subject to building regulations requiring minimum installation height and weight or fast renovations. DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE can be installed as wall lining or ceiling lining with our DESIGNBOARD FIX sub-construction.



  • Painted at the factory
  • Suitable as a building product for indoor use
  • Universally usable
  • Durable surface, chemical-resistant, scratch-resistant, abrasion-proof
  • Water-resistant material
  • Simple processing with standard power tools
  • Significantly lighter than tiles or natural stone
  • Ideal for fast renovations by sticking over old tiles
  • Large-format panels
  • Outstanding indoor air quality
  • Invisible connections with special joints (“Königsfugen”)

Application areas

The processing is carried out according to relevant standards and to detailed documentation of Knauf Design.


  • Wall lining
  • Ceiling lining and suspended ceilings


DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE can be sawn, milled, drilled, cut and milled to shape and cropped with standard wood processing machines with attachments for metal and aluminum. In order to prevent scratches, precautionary measures are required such as maintaining a clean workplace and working on the back of the board material. Hand deburring tools with rotating blades or grinding pads should be used to clean the edges or for deburring.

Product variants

DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE Unit Raw panel Micro-joints on long sides
Standard formats mm 2500 x 1250
3050 x 1250
2480 x 1230
3030 x 1230
Thicknesses mm 3 3
Surface final coated
Building material classification E, to DIN EN 13501-1


Designation Version Document type
Knauf Design DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE June 2017 Brochure DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE July 2017 Technical data sheet

Decor printing

  • KD-0001-00-C


  • KD-0002-00-C

    Concrete Pure

  • KD-0002-01-C

    Concrete Pure

  • KD-0003-00-C

    Stone Wall

  • KD-0004-00-C

    Brick Red

  • KD-0005-00-C


  • KD-0006-00-C

    Loft EZ

  • KD-0020-00-C


  • KD-0021-00-C


  • KD-0024-00-C

    Sandstone Natural

  • KD-0024-01-C

    Sandstone Black Forest

  • KD-0025-00-C

    Sandstone Sahara

  • KD-0025-01-C

    Sandstone Sahara Rose

  • KD-0031-00-C

    Pizarro Argento

  • KD-0033-00-C

    Oxidian Metal

  • KD-0033-01-C

    Oxidian Metal Anthracite

  • KD-0033-02-C

    Oxidian Metal Dark Grey

  • KD-0033-04-C

    Oxidian Metal Stone Grey

  • KD-0033-05-C

    Oxidian Metal Creme

  • KD-0033-08-C

    Oxidian Metal Walnut

  • KD-0063-020-C

    Kentucky Spruce

  • KD-0064-00-C

    Oxford Oak

  • KD-0065-00-C


  • KD-0066-00-C

    Oxford Oak Strip

  • KD-0066-01-C

    Oxford Oak Strip Grey

  • KD-0067-00-C

    Mosaic Grey-Brown

  • KD-0067-01-C

    Mosaic Grey-Brown Scaled

  • KD-0069-00-C

    Triberg Oak

  • KD-0070-00-C

    French Lattice

  • KD-0070-01-C

    French Lattice White

  • KD-0070-02-C

    French Lattice Grey

  • KD-0071-00-C

    Wooden Curls

  • KD-0072-00-C

    Cottage Spruce

  • KD-0073-00-C

    Old Barn

  • KD-0084-00-C

    Concrete Soft

  • KD-0086-00-C

    Felt Coloured

  • KD-0087-00-C

    Felt Plain

  • KD-0100-00-C

    Quarry Stone Marble

  • KD-0105-00-C

    Slate Tile Long

  • KD-0107-00-C


  • KD-0109-00-C

    Tile Rosso Nero

  • KD-0111-00-C


  • KD-0112-00-C


  • KD-0112-01-C

    Twist Grey

  • KD-0113-00-C

    Tadelakt Turquoise

  • KD-0113-01-C

    Tadelakt Grey

  • KD-0114-00-C

    Birch Peeled