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You have a special wish? We have the possibilities

Décor development creates new looks by reproducing nature. Every piece of wood, every stone is an original; you only have to go to a veneer dealer or stonemason to find it. To create your own décor is not only a wishful thought at Knauf Design, but it is a regular feature of the whole portfolio. You can order special surfaces with individual designs according to your wishes and ideas.

Create new appearances - reproduce nature.Steps to an individual decor

1. The idea

Input for new development of a design is manifold. It is the ideas of the designer, but also the wishes of the customers, that result in new decors.

2. Procuring the original

The task of the decor development is to create new appearances by reproducing nature. Every piece of wood, every stone is an original - one only has to find it at the veneer dealer or stone mason.

3. Digitizing

After the natural material has been selected, it is scanned in as preparation of digital processing.

4. Processing

The digital image processing converts the natural original into a homogeneous image, making sure that the motif can be retouched infinitely.

5. Colour correction and master sample

A first presentation of a printed, representative section of the layout is carried out (“master sample”). A wide range of colour settings of the same decor are fixed and decor numbers assigned to them.

6. Provision of the print file

The completed data are stored and printed. Consistency of the colour shades and quality are ensured by comparing the first print result with the master sample. The development has now been completed. Further orders can be carried out without development work.

  • Decors

    Knauf Design offers a variety of fantastic surfaces with real wood veneer, paint, laminate or décor print.

    The gypsum fibre board with individual motive and lacquered surface consists of a non-combustible gypsum fibre carrier board and is printed in the factory.
  • Interested in an indivudal decor

    Do you have an indivudal wish? Feel free to contact us!