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Wet room

Real feel-good oases


Infinite possibilities for the walls of your wet rooms

In damp and wet rooms for private and public use, water and moisture can represent a risk and lead to damage: Wellness oases, spas, fitness centres, laundries as well as kitchens and other rooms with elevated levels of air humidity require special planning and installation.

Knauf innovations: Real feel-good oases

With our Knauf innovations, moist and wet rooms are not only optimally protected, they can also be given a stylish level of design. A wide variety of decoration and design variants enables the rooms to be turned into feel-good oases.

Water Line

Water Line
  • Water Line
  • Water Line

WATER LINE provides reliable solutions for wet zones: Waterproof, jointless and easy to clean. Rapid installation and conversion, low construction height and completely individual design open up completely new dimensions: Design concepts can be realized continuously across all room functions even through the wet zones.


Robust and decorative

Robust and decorative

DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE is a lightweight, thin but robust panel for the interior and renovation of wet rooms and sanitary areas. The surface has design print on one side and is also very resistant. The connection system on the long sides allows a joint-free optic.

DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE as decorative surface paneling is fixed on the existing sealing surface and offers reliable solutions for wet areas: waterproof, no joints and easy to clean. Fast installation and conversion, low build-up heights and a completely individual design offer an entirely new range of possibilities. Design concepts can be implemented consistently for all room functions and even in the wet areas.

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All the advantages and more

All the advantages and more

  • Water-repellent material
  • Individual design possible
  • Elegant micro-joint, no grouting required
  • Simple working with usual power tools
  • Significantly lighter than tiles or natural stone
  • Ideally suited for fast renovations by laying on top of old tiles
  • Thin material 3 mm can be used in many applications
  • Durable surface, resistant to chemicals, resistant to scratches and abrasion
  • Large-sized panels guarantee fast working
  • outstanding interior room air quality

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  • Decor printing

    Decor printing

    Create unique identities through graphic highlights in interior design. Individually designed decors enable the consistent implementation of strong brands in the architectural concept.
    Graphics, photography, imitating real materials - this is how individuality gets space.
  • Decor development

    Decor development

    One’s own decor - at Knauf Design this is not wishful thinking, but rather an integral part of the overall portfolio.


    The embellished surfaces of DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE enable individual designs to be achieved, meaning that tomorrow's requirements can be met today.