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Unlimited possibilities


Ceilings and walls set fixed limits. Except in design.

Within a split second you decide how functional, safe and aesthetic a room is in your eyes. An important factor is the design of walls and ceilings. Knauf Design offers a wide range of surface coatings of gypsum boards and gypsum fibre boards: Real wood veneer, HPL, decor printing, digital printing or paint. However, we also place particular emphasis on fire protection, acoustics and individual project-specific manufacturing.

  • Acoustic

    Acoustic: in harmony

    Rooms should be functional, aesthetic and economical. And also sound good. Whether the church, sports hall, lecture hall or classroom - every room is different and needs its own sound concept. With Knauf design building materials for interiors, not only fascinating ceilings and walls could be designed, but also individual acoustic concepts could be implemented in a targeted way. Read more
  • Fire protection:

    Fire protection: when creative means also safe

    The interior design is far too often restricted by fire protection regulations. As of now you have free choice – all components, including diverse real wood veneers, are now available in A2-s1d0 from Knauf Design. Read more
  • Decor development

    Decor development

    One’s own decor - at Knauf Design this is not wishful thinking, but rather an integral part of the overall portfolio. Read more
  • Semi-finished products

    Semi-finished products

    KNAUF Design offers tailor-made project production of gypsum fire boards and drywall systems for demanding architecture and building projects. We find creative, functional and safe solutions to challenging design and material requirements. Find out more