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Unique solutions for unique projects

KNAUF Design offers tailor-made project production of gypsum fibre boards and drywall systems for demanding architecture and building projects. We find creative, functional and safe solutions to challenging design and material requirements so that your design visions become reality.

Creative, innovative and extremely flexible

We can develop completely new products based on our range and Know-How. These can be innovative and extremely flexible in form, surface and structure, for example: the spiral-shaped wall boards designed for the Muskkens Hus in Aalborg where each board is absolutely unique. We can develop, produce and make up products from quantities of only one. We naturally cooperate closely with the specialized contractors responsible for the project planning constructions, statics, room layout and board formats.

All process steps at one place

With our modern machinery from leading manufacturers and our long-standing experience with the material gypsum fibre we offer ideal conditions for the processing of gypsum and gypsum fibre boards. All processing steps such as calibrating, formatting or coating are possible in one location. These conditions are a perfect for an efficient processing of your order.

Editing options

  • Untreated board quality

    Quality of an untreated board

    With us you will not only get a untreated board. You will get the quality according to your requirements. No matter whether you need calibrated boards, special formats or small quantities, we can tailor individually to your requirements. By various grainings we can supply the board polished or even spackeled, to improve the surface of the support board.
  • Formatting


    The formatting can be adapted entirely to the building project, everything from small formats, medium formats or large formats is possible. On request, stripes or special formats are also no problem. The maximum size of our saw is 4,300 x 1,500 mm. The maximum board format is 3.040 x 1.260 mm.
  • Edge processing

    Edge processing

    In edge processing, we can offer you different edge shapes such as bevel cuts, chamfers, radii, groove or also fold. The coating of the edges is also no problem, so that these can be painted and coated with edge bands or gluing.
  • Surface processing

    Surface processing

    In surface processing, we offer a wide range of possibilities for realizing your ideas. We offer as standard various round perforations or slits including acoustic testing. Free-forms are also possible. Please read our information about acoustic.

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