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Musikkens Hus, Aalborg


Music house, Aalborg (Denmark)

Music and design - fair challenges for walls

Harmonizing maximal aesthetic and acoustic demands – this was the task for the wall design of the music conservatory in the Danish city of Aalborg.

The solution: An "amoeba structure" from acoustic experts. To realise this Knauf Design developed 169 different CNC programmes for the surface processing of more than 3,000 gypsum fibre boards which also fascinate optically through their organic structure and jointless mounting. In order to ensure that the humid climate did not have any negative effect on the material, the boards were tested for six weeks in the Knauf climatic chamber – successfully.

Result: Form and function in perfect harmony.

Description of the project

The exact position, size and depth in the wall relief were defined for each individual amoeba with the help of specially developed acoustic software. In order not to have to write a separate CNC program for each of the 3,670 plates despite the high demands on acoustics, to increase efficiency, Knauf Design proposed reducing the programmes to 169 spirals without influencing the acoustics.

Nevertheless, absolute precision work followed: each individual panel was initially given its individual relief by means of computer-controlled milling. For a truly jointless relief over the entire wall surface, however, the individual panels had to be cut to a perfect fit.

In close coordination with the general contractor, each batch was individually packaged, numbered and delivered "just in time" according to the construction progress.

No compromisses in quality.

The coated gypsum fibre board was used as the material. They are ideal for individual machining with CNC milling and can then be surface-sealed with clear lacquer. They were tested for their climatic suitability over several weeks in the climatic chamber of the central Knauf research and development in Iphofen. Verification passed, calculations confirmed.

Result: Zero tolerance in accuracy, 100 percent satisfaction.

Construction information board

  • Architect: Coop Himmelblau, Vienna
  • Expert advise: Barsmark
  • Realization: TL Byg
  • Year of construction: 2013
  • Products: CNC-produced boards with amoeba structure and coating
  • Country: Denmark

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