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Chapel St. Elisabeth-Hospital, Ravensburg


Chapel St. Elisabeth-Hospital, Ravensburg (Germany)

Stratified: For more quiet and contemplation.

Places of quiet are important - in particular in hospitals. This was also the intention for the new building of the St. Elisabeth hospital in Ravensburg with a chapel as a place of peace and calm at a central point. The chapel layout describes an elliptical form and is shaped like a snail shell.

Unusual and innovative as in Aalborg and yet completely different, this concept was implemented with Knauf design gypsum fibre board in the wall design.

Result: A space that inspires - and gives rest.

Description of the project

The space concept of the snail shell required contours that continue the swing of the floor plan on the walls. Contour is edge: cutting edge. One came to stratification. Plate on plate of Knauf design. A computer-based 3D model formed the outline for a CNC machine to cut the individual boards with millimetre precision, grind them before they were stacked on site using the same principles as for a dry stone wall. In order to ensure stability and prevent sideways movement, all the layers were both bonded and fixed with pins.

Exciting light and shadow games in this relief created a living shell. There are harmonious shelves and surfaces, horizontal light bands behind glass complete the atmosphere of security and silence.

Construction information board

  • Investor: Canton hospital Basel
  • Architect: Canton hospital Basel
  • Expert advise: Bernhard Huber, Esslingen
  • Realization: Formaly installation team Rießler GmbH
  • Year of construction: 2013
  • Photographer: Benjamin Brückner
  • Products: CNC-produced untreated boards, polished with protective coating
  • Country: Germany

Chapel wins Knauf Award

Chapel wins Knauf Award

Ravensburg chapel wins the Knauf Award

We congratulate Arcass Architekten Stuttgart as well as Bernhard Huber (artist) for winning the first prize in the "Design" category of the Knauf Award for the "Ravensburg chapel" object.

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