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Luftbilddatenbank Dr. Carls, Estenfeld (Germany)Knauf Design enables silence in the open-plan office

Open plan office
  • Open plan office
  • Open plan office
  • Open plan office
  • Open plan office

In Estenfeld an airplane has landed. In the middle of the aerial view. At least that's how the new aerial photo database Dr. Carls GmbH looks from the outside. Inside, there is a lot of activity. Because the employees manage, amongst other things, aerial photographs that provide information about where in this country weapons from the two world wars could be. And this information needs anyone who builds or opens up new.

Teamwork is required for this activity. Everyone has to communicate with everyone. Therefore, the 350 m² office dispense with classic rooms and is content with half-height partitions, which optically divide the plan office.

Project Description

To ensure that it still remains quiet and the individual teams can talk to each other understandably, without the rest of the good three dozen employees feel disturbed, architect Wolfgang Silbensack (Landeck Silbersack architects) covers all vertical surfaces of the office with 18 mm Knauf Design gypsum fibre board.

The non-flammable panels (A1 to EN 13501-1) were acoustically processed, the front slotted 4-16 S, the back perforated 10-16 R and covered with acoustic fleece. This results in a sound absorption coefficient αw = 0.70. A manually applied layer protects against dirt.

As a pleasant side effect, the natural material gypsum absorbs unpleasant odors and, together with the bright linoleum floor and the wooden ceilings as well as the organically shaped table systems, creates an atmosphere in which employees and customers feel completely well.

The planner also thought of the environment: a heat pump with attached underfloor heating, a photovoltaic system and a ventilation concept with heat recovery ensure sustainable energy supply. Windows in the dividing walls allow contact with colleagues from the neighboring team and "peepholes" in the outer skin allow short views from the aerial photo database to the outside. Just as it is in the plane.

Construction Information Board

  • Investor: Dr. Carls GmbH
  • Architect: Architects Landeck-Silbersack
  • Expert advise: Technical team of KNAUF DESIGN
  • Year of construction: 2017
  • Photographer: Stefan Ernst photography
  • Products: Gypsum fibre board (with special coating)
  • Country: Germany

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