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Tellkampfschule, Hannover (GER)


Extension of the Tellkampfschule secondary school in Hanover (Germany)

Effective learning outside the classroom

To ensure an open learning environment with a special atmosphere and to give the pupils a pleasant and inviting surroundings for learning together, the decision was made to choose bamboo veneer. On the one hand, the exotic material radiates a certain exclusivity and quality feel, on the other hand, the colouring has an energizing and warming effect. The most important decision criterion for DESIGNBOARD 230 Wood with a gypsum fibre board as a substrate was the option for a custom design combined with high fire resistance requirements (A2-s1, d0).

Project description

The Tellkampfschule, the second oldest secondary school in Hanover, has received many awards and accreditations over the years and has also become an environmental school, European school as well as a partner school. To fulfil the requirements of the new standard room design programme for secondary schools, as well as to create a modern and attractive school building, the expansion of the school began in 2020. The planning of the new building was carried out in close consultation with the historic preservation authorities to ensure that the architectural and historical integrity of the school complex was preserved.

With the interior solution for maximum design scope and at the same time maximum functionality and safety, Knauf Design contributed in particular to the design of the open learning environment. The foyer on the ground floor and the spacious staircase area up to the first floor were finished with Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD bamboo, which encourages active learning, positive and creative collaboration and cooperation.

  • Investor: Regional State Capital City of Hanover, Department of Facility Management
  • Architect: SEP Architekten Bockelmann Klaus PartG mbB
  • Expert advise: Torsten Raithel, Account Manager Deutschland Nordwest, Knauf Design
  • Realization: Roman Hartmann GmbH Interior fitting and furniture production
  • Year of construction: 2020 - 2023
  • Photographer: Frank Aussieker Architectural Photography
  • Products: DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD bamboo, DESIGNBOARD FIX fastening system
  • Country: Germany

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