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Staff restaurant Boehringer Ingelheim


Staff restaurant Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)

Sliding doors integrated in the wall paneling disappear into parking recesses in an opened state. The closed sliding wall cannot be differentiated from the adjacent wall paneling visually and acoustically.
  • The spacious hall of the new staff restaurant is also happily used for events.

Wall design of a staff restaurant with Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD

A feast for the eyes. That is what the planners of the architectural office Planwerk GmbH in Bingen also thought for the interior design phase of the staff restaurant of the company Boehringer in Ingelheim built in 2016. In addition to the high-quality meals offered, the staff of the global pharmaceutical company headquartered in the Rhinehessen region should also feel well in their restaurant. An attractive design in the wall areas in combination with the highest constructional functionality was therefore important to the planners. The decision fell in favour of the innovative gypsum fibre system DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD from Knauf Design with a real wood veneer made of maple.

Project description

A series of requirements had to be met when implementing the design specifications of the planners. Focus was placed in particular of fire protection. With a floor space of more than 3,600 m², the restaurant provides seating for 800 guests. Up to 3,500 meals are issued here every day. Which meant that for fire-prevention reasons clear specifications on the non-combustibility of the building materials were made. The task here was to meet both requirements of the desired wood surface and the fire protection. In addition building materials on the wall should also have an acoustic effect so that a pleasant room atmosphere resulted.

The planners and the implementing specialist company TM Ausbau München found the perfect material in the innovative and high-performance material of gypsum fibre from Knauf Design. Under the designation FIRELINE the company has developed a fire protection system that offers a wide range of individual creative design possibilities at the highest safety level. The basis is formed by highly compacted and thus extreme load-bearing gypsum fibre boards. Creative and high-quality finishing techniques for the surfaces of the FireLine Designboards result in a wide range of attractive design variants.
The decision was taken for the DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD system in maple for the paneling of the wall surfaces in the staff restaurant. The boards with real wood veneer are characterized by their non-combustibility (Building Material Classification A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1). The high-quality surface in light maple lends the room an elegant and friendly design. This is supplemented by the outstanding acoustical effectiveness of the board that is furthermore increased by the slotted perforated surface design.
A further argument in favour of using the DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD is its simple and reliable mounting. The system includes a high-quality structure with wedge bars that can be mounted both to the wall and to the board rear with the corresponding system screws. Subsequently the board are simply slid into the wedge bars. Resulting in a uniform and consistent wall image with a noble appearance. In addition to wood veneers in many different decors, DESIGNBOARD 230 can also be finished with laminated, painted or directly printed surface. The system thus offers a multitude of attractive and individual design possibilities.

Construction Information Board

  • Investor: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelheim am Rhein
  • Architect: Architekturbüro Planwerk GmbH, Bingen
  • Expert advise: Architekturbüro Planwerk GmbH, Bingen
  • Realization: TM Ausbau München
  • Year of construction: 2020
  • Products: Designboard 230 Wood real wood veneer, maple
  • Country: Germany

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