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Chamber Music Hall in Kronberg (GER)


Kammermusiksaal in Kronberg (Germany)

A New Home for Musical Excellence

At the Kronberg S-Bahn station located in the northern catchment area of Frankfurt, a building complex comprised of the "Casals Forum" chamber music hall, the music academy and a hotel was constructed in 2022. The renowned “Staab Architekten” company from Berlin was awarded first place in an architectural competition and subsequently implemented the design.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The best sound and aesthetic experience with DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD

To meet the sophisticated acoustic and aesthetic requirements, the concert hall was designed in a "free-form" with curved walls. The high-quality wood panelling of the entire interior of the hall contributes to optimal sound dispersion. Furthermore, in the design of the hall, particular attention was paid to the placement of reflectors and sound absorbers to ensure balanced acoustics throughout the room. The combination of all these measures plays a key role in creating a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere for concertgoers.

For the chamber music hall, coated DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD gypsum fibreboards with real oak veneer were produced from logs specially selected for the project. A total of 1,600 m² of the hall area was clad with DESIGNBOARDs. The architect and the acoustics office decided in favour of the high-quality product from Knauf Design due to its precise weight as well as excellent acoustic and fire protection properties. In accordance with DIN EN 131501-1, this gypsum fibreboard finished with veneer is classified as building material class A2-s1 d0. This means that in addition to its aesthetic appearance and optimum acoustical performance, it also provides the necessary safety in the event of fire.

The co-operation between Westermann and Knauf Design was extremely positive. Both companies worked closely together and great importance was attached to precision preliminary planning. The components were also always delivered on time and followed the progression of the construction phase underway. This meant that delays were avoided, and trouble-free process guaranteed.

Construction information board

  • Investor: Kronberg Academy Stiftung
  • Architect: Staab Architekten GmbH
  • Expert advise: Peutz Consult GmbH (building acoustics)
  • Realization: K. Westermann GmbH + Co. KG
  • Year of construction: 2018-2022
  • Products: DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD
  • Country: Germany

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