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LeSoCo, London (UK)

Combination of aesthetics and practicality

As high-tech, sophisticated products, Knauf Designboard 230 panels are prefabricated for easy installation, Peter Allen notes. “The panels were delivered palletized and in stacks, pre-cut and ready for installation – you wouldn’t get that with timber.” Developed to meet both aesthetic and performance requirements, the Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 collection consists of high quality gypsum fibre boards with a wide range of refined surfaces.

After being introduced to the project by HLS Installation, Knauf not only produced samples but also worked with the company to develop a mounting system for an easier and faster final installation.

“We have discovered the advantages of Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 panels,” Mark Snelling, project leader at HLS Installation says. “The boards are prefabricated, maintenance-free and non-combustible.”

Project description

The architects who designed the atrium in the entrance area of the new college in South London chose DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD panels from Knauf, the UK’s leading manufacturer of lightweight building materials and elements, in order to combine the aesthetic appeal of real wood veneer with the practical characteristics of gypsum fibre boards.

According to Peter Allen, one of the partners of Platform 5 Architects, sub-contractor HLS Installation suggested to use Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD by pointing out the benefits of the panels. “Originally, we wanted to use real wood as natural material in order to make the room inviting and warm, which means we would have installed hardwood timber panels and struts with insulation behind,” he explained. “But we opted for Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD, because, once it is installed, there is no thermal movement, and the real wood veneer does not affect the appearance. So this was a good choice.”

Construction Information Board

  • Architect: Richard Hopkinson Architects
  • Year of construction: 2018
  • Products: Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD
  • Country: Great Britain

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