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s. Oliver Arena, Würzburg


s. Oliver Arena, Würzburg (Germany)

Linen look for sports

It looks like fabric but it is not: The acoustic ceiling in the forum of the s. Oliver arena is made of Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 Creative and complies with A2 fire safety regulations. And still it looks like a linen ceiling sail. Digital print makes it possible.

Project description

The s. Oliver arena as cultural and sports center has become a famous attraction in Würzburg. It is the home ground of the national league basketball team "s. Oliver Baskets" and the second league handball team "Rimparer Wölfe". It also hosts the Würzburg indoor soccer town championship. With 4756 seats, the multifoncion hall also has room for concerts and other events.

To make sure that the noise level is still comfortable despite those masses of people, the foyer of the building had to be covered with a sound absorbing ceiling. It also has to comply with the higher fire safety regulations for meeting areas, that means it has to be incombustible according to DIN 4102-1 (A2).

The solution was very simple for the builder (Würzburg city): linen. Not as fabric but in form of Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 Creative with straight slots fixed on a sub-construction of Knauf CD profiles. The single boards were printed in linen look and have the deceptively real effect of panels of slightly creased fabric with cream color shades.

Construction Information Board

  • Investor: City of Würzburg
  • Expert advise: Knauf Design, Knauf Riessler GmbH & Co. KG
  • Products: DESIGNBOARD 230 Creative
  • Country: Germany

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