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Hospital Bruderholz, Basel


Hospital Bruderholz, Basel (Switzerland)

Spital Bruderholz
  • Spital Bruderholz
  • Spital Bruderholz

Wellness atmosphere in the hospital - get better with the Knauf WATERLINE

Does a hospital always have to look like a hospital? Or is it also better to get better? The cantonal hospital Baselland in Switzerland relies on wet cells with feel-good guarantee and on the Knauf WATERLINE in wood look.

Wellness atmosphere by means of surface-refined panel materials in the hospital bathroom? Yes, that´s possible. Especially when the wallcovering combines the robust, water-repellent quality of the Knauf DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE with the look of wood.

Description of the project

Because a beautiful environment with natural materials helps to make people feel comfortable and content, the new interior design of the "Bruderholz" hospital relies on the one-sided design-coated wet room panel in the look of light oak.

The durable, chemical-resistant, scratch- and abrasion-resistant DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE marks the counter of the reception area, features technical equipment and decorates the back of the kitchen in the lounge area and clad the walls of complete shower cubicles.

Thus, the DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE refines a total of 430 m² of wall surface and thereby optimally meets the high hygiene and stress requirements of a building-regulated hospital environment. Thanks to its low construction height and low weight, the thin and dimensionally stable Knauf DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE is just as suitable for new construction projects as it is for renovations. It can be easily processed and flexibly used with conventional woodworking and metalworking machines. Large format panels guarantee quick installation. In addition, the joint system, the “Königsfuge”, which is inserted lengthways, allows a seamless look that in turn optimally harmonises with the hygiene regulations in the hospital.

Construction Information Board

  • Investor: Canton hospital Basel
  • Architect: Canton hospital Basel
  • Realization: Schreinerei Kleiber GmbH, CH-4105 Biel-Benken
  • Year of construction: 2018
  • Products: DESIGNBOARD 310 CREATIVE - wood decor
  • Country: Switzerland