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Tauberphilharmonie, Weikersheim


Tauberphilharmonie, Weikersheim (Germany) Optimal acoustics - stylish wall design

The new concert hall in Weikersheim also sets groundbreaking standards in terms of acoustic quality, high-quality architecture, interior design and fire safety. Wall and ceiling cladding from Knauf, mounted with Cocoon lightweight steel profiles, contributed equally to this.


Knauf was commissioned to cover the specified acoustic area using various wall positions or ceiling shapes in conjunction with a specified material mass. The three-layer wall cladding of the two concert halls in the form of sheet steel, plasterboard and design boards therefore had to add up to a surface weight of 45 kg / m² in order to reflect the sound according to the specifications. The ceilings had to weigh 40 kg / m² in order to meet the calculated acoustic reverberation time. The design criteria were room heights of up to 12 m and the three-dimensionality of the sloping wall coverings.

All components for the wall and ceiling cladding of both concert halls - from the substructure from the Cocoon Transformer System to the cladding made of gypsum fiber boards - were pre-assembled according to the specifications of Knauf Gips and Knauf Design. The prefabricated panels were individually labeled at the factory and delivered to the construction site in rows. There the fitters put them together like a large puzzle according to the laying plan.

For the large concert hall alone, Knauf Design produced 1,200 m² of the surface-refined gypsum fiberboard Designboard 230 Wood with real oak veneer in 18 different wall types and 278 different panel shapes. These high-quality design boards from the Knauf Fireline series have the building material classification A2 s1d0 according to DIN EN 131501-1 and thus, in addition to their aesthetic appearance and optimal sound behavior, also ensure the necessary safety in the event of a fire.

The non-combustible Knauf lightweight steel construction system Cocoon Transformer was used as the substructure. This solution, known as the lightest system on the market, requires less material expenditure than alternative profiles, can be set up quickly, efficiently and safely thanks to a patented clinching process and is ideal for sloping and excessively high walls.


  • Investor: City of Weikersheim
  • Architect: HENN GmbH, München
  • Expert advise: Ekkehard Scholz, Ceiling Project Manager (Knauf Gips KG); Hubert Vogt, Sales Manager National Sales (Knauf Design)
  • Realization: Ruben Peter Aufbau GmbH Floh-Seligenthal; Project team Christopher Carl, Andre Heymel, Sindy Pommerening
  • Year of construction: 2019
  • Products:
    • Knauf Designboard 230 Laminate white (some with nano-perforation)
    • Knauf Designboard 230 Wood / oak veneer
    • Knauf Designboard Fix
    • Knauf Cocoon Transformer System
    • Knauf Diamant
    • Knauf Silentboard
    • Substructure made of convex, pre-bent CD profiles
    • Use of pre-fabricated molded parts

  • Country: Germany

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