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Vocational school, Munich


Vocational school, Munich (Germany)

When room is not the only factor. But atmosphere as well.

When designing the ultra-modern vocational school centre in Munich the planners made use of the unique aura of the rare European maple. About 4,500 m² of gypsum fibre elements were veneered with it.

Knauf Design was pleased to help in procuring this special timber. And also provided the mounting system during the implementation on site.

Result: A building which one can learn in and from.

Description of the project

When designing the ultra-modern vocational school in central Munich the planners made use of the unique characteristics of European maple. However, it is extremely rare. Knauf Design took up the challenge with gusto.

Approximately 4,500m² of gypsum fibre boards were to be coated with fine maple veneer, so 6,000m² of maple veneer had to be procured at the usual offcuts ratio of about 50%.

In Knauf Design's factory the boards were then produced in 15,000 different formats. Additional work was created by the safety requirements specifying rounded corners as well as reliable fire protection.

Projects of this magnitude require not only reliable solutions via products and mounting, but also perfect logistical planning. Synchronisation of the work was imperative because the boards were mounted in five sections, each with a different construction process and storage capacity on site was limited. But in close co-operation with the construction supervisor and on-site Knauf Design supervisor all the boards were delivered and mounted exactly as required.

Construction information board

  • Architect: SPP architects (Sturm, Peter + Peter)
  • Expert advise: SPP architects+ engineers Munich
  • Realization: TM-Ausbau
  • Year of construction: 2006
  • Products: Designboard 230 real wood veneer, maple
  • Country: Germany

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