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Warwick Hall, Carlisle


Warwick Hall, Carlisle (UK)

A masterclass of acoustic performance and asthetic beauty

In collaboration with the award-winning company “Associated Architects”, Knauf Design created a masterpiece of acoustic performance. For this purpose, the Knauf Designboard 230 WOOD was installed. 410 m² custom-made gypsum fibre boards with real oak veneer were used as wall panelling in order to achieve the required sound absorption. For aesthetics, 11 rows of elegantly curved gypsum fibre boards with oak veneer were fixed to the ceiling.

Knauf Designboard 230 products for walls and ceilings provide unlimited design freedom and offer superb functionality and safety at the same time.

Henry Keck, one of the architects working for Associated Architects said: “When we planned the design, we soon had an idea for the ceiling elements of the main building. We had a concave shape in mind and thus contacted Knauf for assistance to realize the concept and to achieve the required sound absorption level.”

Project description

The design of the Warwick Hall should reflect the outstanding academic status, development and ambitions of the Warwick School. Therefore, the hall was reconstructed and dismantled to its supporting framework. A state-of-art, vivid and flexible school building with double height in the entrance area, two event halls and other side rooms was created.

The biggest challenge was to improve the acoustics in the large open rooms so that theatre performances could take place but the rooms would still have a pleasant aesthetic effect and a top-quality design. Knauf Designboard wall and ceiling panels can be perforated in order to meet the requirements of room acoustics and to allow a high air quality, a pleasant light as well as classic, timeless aesthetics, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Construction information board

  • Investor: Warwick School
  • Architect: Associated Architects
  • Realization: Deeley
  • Year of construction: 2017
  • Products: Knauf DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD
  • Country: Great Britain

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