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Cinema center UCI, Bochum


Cinema center UCI, Bochum (Germany)

Wood look meets ideal fire safety chracteristics

Cinemas are meeting places. Therefore, walls and ceilings must be of solid non-combustible material. Wood is warm, comfortable and elegant. DESIGNBOARD 230 combines all those characteristics and creates and inviting atmosphere in the entrance area and lounge.

Description of the project

Walnut, oak, wood: In order to create a pleasant atmosphere, the shopping mall Ruhr-Park in Bochum scores with the charisma of natural material for the central entrance area and the lounge areas on the last floor. The entrance areas as well as the cinema center itself are furnished in a wood look.

Both areas have to withstand strong mechanical load due to the expected high visitor frequencies. The internal cinema area as escape route also has to comply with the classification A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1. Thus, only non-combustible materials are suitable for the wall and ceiling linings.

Therefore, the builder MFI Immobilien Marketing GmbH chose DESIGNBOARD 230 LAMINATE with oak decor for all coverings of stairs, escalators, and staircases including handrails. Knauf Design also produced the paneling of the cinema box office out of non-combustible composite elements.

In the entrance area, MFI used DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD with walnut veneer. The processors fixed the decorative panels with the help of split battens. The ceiling was installed using the DESIGNBOARD FIX system.

Thus, the wall as well as the archway above the entrance were lined with non-combustible decorative boards combining the robust surface classified A2-S1, d0 with soft wood decor so that guests and moviegoers feel at home right away in every aspect.

Construction Information Board

  • Investor: MFI Immobilien Marketing GmbH
  • Expert advise: Knauf Design - Knauf Riessler GmbH & Co. KG
  • Products: DESIGNBOARD 230 LAMINATE with light oak decor as well as DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD withl walnut veneer
  • Country: Germany

Class A2 building materials - tested in combination

Class A1 and A2 building materials - tested in combination

Class A1 and A2-s1, d0 KNAUF Design products meet the strictest fire protection criteria for composite building materials. Consisting of inorganic non-combustible materials, and coated and reinforced with a low proportion of combustible materials, they are the first choice for fireproof composite building materials.

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