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The veneered gypsum fibre board

DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD is used in all areas of high-quality interior design with very high creative design requirements. It consists of a non-combustible carrier board made of gypsum fibre and is veneered in the works. Thanks to the refined surfaces of DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD individual designs can be realized, so that the demands of tomorrow can already be fulfilled today. Sound insulation, acoustics, fire protection as well as robustness are, in addition to the highly flexible design options, requirements that the DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD fulfils in correspondingly tested systems.

DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD is excellently suitable for use in areas regulated by building authority requirements in which non-combustible composite materials are required.

Scope of Classification



  • Non-combustible A2-s1, d0 to DIN EN 13051-1
  • Universally usable
  • Robust surface
  • Good structural cohesion also under exposure to fire
  • Simple working
  • Low swelling and shrinking under changes in the climatic conditions
  • Ecologically tested carrier board material

Application areas

The processing is carried out according to relevant standards and to detailed documentation of Knauf Design.


  • Ceiling cladding and suspended ceilings
  • Wall systems
  • Acoustic systems


DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD can be mounted with the Knauf Design sub-constructions split battens or DESIGNBOARD FIX.

Product variants
DESIGNBOARD 230 WOOD Unit Bulk density in kg/m³ ≥1100 Bulk density in kg/m³ ≥1500
Realization Wood Real wood veneered
Standard formats mm 3100 x 1260
2560 x 1260
2560 x 1260
Thicknesses mm 12.6 / 16.6 / 18.6 / 21.6 / 23.6 / 25.6 13.2 / 19.2
Surface Calibrated / veneered / final coated
Building material classification A2-s 1, d0 to DIN EN 13501-1

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