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  • Dr. Carl´s office building

    Dr. Carl´s office building

    The 350 m² office dispense with classic rooms and is content with half-height partitions, which optically divide the plan office. Read more about "Dr. Carl´s office building"
  • Foyer Carmen Würth Forum

    Foyer Carmen Würth Forum

    Art, culture and an enthusiastic audience meet in the Carmen Würth Forum. So that it doesn´t get too loud, a wall covering made of gypsum fibre boards DB 230 WOOD ensures an acoustically pleasant atmosphere. Read more about "Foyer Carmen Würth Forum"
  • Children's hospital Moscow

    Children's hospital Moscow

    One of our first reference objects was the design of the auditoriums of the paediatric clinic in Moscow. Not only was the scheduled completion a challenge, but also the required just-in-time delivery. Read more about children's hospital Moscow

  • Zurich Airport

    Airport Zurich

    Sometimes even we – as surface experts – face great challenges. For us this was the case at the Zurich Airport: How can we create surfaces that are so beautifully smooth and brilliant?
    Find out more about the project "Zurich Airport"
  • Heathrow Terminal 2 London

    Heathrow Terminal 2 London

    The design of Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport was demanding in many ways. A defined oak-finish with many complex details like curves and integration of glass elements perfectly fitted together results for all passengers in a new dimension of terminals - the terminal You. More information about the project "Heathrow Terminal 2" London